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Created to Change a Life.?.

What if you were created to change somebody’s life?

We go through each day on this journey called Life; eating, sleeping, working, playing, shopping, going to church, attending events, etc. – just living, laughing, and loving. And in pretty much everything that we do, we encounter and interact with different kinds of people: good/bad, rich/poor, healthy/sick, employed/unemployed, smart/not so smart, informed/ignorant, sane/mentally unstable, happy/sad and all of those in between [you get the picture]. Do you ever stop to think how your actions (what you say and do) may affect any of those people – positively and/or negatively? And how this, in turn, may change their life – positively and/or negatively?

I do, and I guess that’s what led me to write this post. Now, I admit that I am not perfect (and I acknowledge my imperfections). I too was taught to “treat others how you want to be treated” and have failed to do so at times – more so in my younger days (although I’m just 25 years young). I have hurt others – close to me and not so close to me. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to implement that advice in my journey of life… and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always easy!


I consider the feelings of those in my family, my friends, and others who are close to me. Although, there are some who I may not be as close to due to certain circumstances, I love them just the same. I also consider the feelings of those I encounter during my daily routine (just by using common courtesy). But, what’s sometimes confusing to me and may be considered crazy to others is that often times I find myself considering the feelings of those who have wronged me. I find myself trying to solve someone else’s problem(s) when they’re a part of my problem. I think about how my words/actions, and those made by others, may have affected someone else when they clearly aren’t concerned about how their words/actions have affected me. Crazy, huh? 

Then, when I’ve tried to adhere to my mom’s advice above, I’ve found that sometimes people will try and take your kindness for weakness. And in my experience, when you respond with genuine, but direct honesty, they get offended. Well, the truth does hurt sometimes; I know. Still, I can’t help but feel misunderstood. I’ve wondered where that comes from. Like, why do I even care? Then, I think about my mom telling me to “do good, and God will see the good in you and continue to bless you”. As I strive to get closer to God, I strive to adhere to her advice. So although others may not understand, even those that I speak of above – and myself at times, I can’t help but think about my initial question: what if “I” was created to change somebody’s life. How may my words/actions affect him/her, and in turn, change his/her life?

Now, back to You! Earlier, you may have thought about your family and friends or people you’ve encountered on your journey. What about the “unexpected” people? The one’s you may “love to hate, and hate to love…and/or forgive”? What if you were created to help those who have wronged you? Not to say that you have to reach out to them or be “friends”, but what if you had the opportunity and chose to respond or address someone who has wronged you?… Would you try to leave a positive message – even through your honesty (however hurtful it may be) with them? After all, what if you were created to change somebody’s life?

Keep in mind: Sometimes, others – those who have wronged you and those looking from the outside in – can’t conceive such a thing. Maybe they’ve never encountered such a person in their own life’s journey so they think it’s impossible to be that genuine. Or maybe they’re so blinded by their own internal problems that they can’t believe and/or don’t want to believe it’s possible. Whatever the case, I say continue to stay true to who you are. Don’t let your kindness be taken for weakness. Be direct and honest if you have to – and genuine. Do good, and God will see the good in you and continue to bless you. By doing that, you can’t lose because (although they may not see it now – and you may not either) you just might change somebody’s life!


And then, what if they were created to change your life… Think about it.


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