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If You Really Knew Me

“If You Really Knew Me” is a TV show about breaking down barriers between students in high schools. It inspired me to write this post. What if we, as young men and young women, start working together to break down the barriers between us?! What if we start being the change that we want to see in generations to come?!

Looking at a situation from different perspectives and considering another person’s feelings is not always easy – especially when our own feelings are involved. However, after going through my own experiences and starting my journey as a budding counselor, I know that it IS possible! I’m aware that some people will be with me on this, and some people won’t. That’s Okay! My purpose in writing this is to give you something to think about. And I’m doing it in my own special way, so… Enjoy!

*Try to personalize this. Read it from your perspective, and then read it from another person’s perspective (maybe someone who has caused you pain OR who you’ve caused pain). It may not have the same effect on everyone, but hopefully it’ll get you to thinking…

If You Really Knew Me!

We are all different And yet we’re still the same We laugh We cry We have feelings And we feel pain

No matter our race, religion, or beliefs We all would like nothing more than to have peace Peace within, and a peace of mind Something I hope, one day, we will all find

So this poem is to help you see How things might be different, “If You Really Knew Me”

If You Really Knew Me Would you… could you believe? If You Really Knew Me Would you… could you see Me for Me?

My hurt and My pain Would you understand? The feelings that YOU feel Would they still remain?


Strange how we judge one another Without knowing each other at all Strange how we allow our feelings To overshadow what’s been there all along

You hurt me So I hurt you We’re so wrapped up in revenge We lose sight of what’s really true

Maybe we just need someone to blame For the pain we feel inside Maybe considering our “enemy’s” feelings Is dismissed by our sense of pride

And as a result We fail to see That one day, I could be You And one day, You could be Me


If You Really Knew Me And If I Really Knew You Would we continue to tear each other down? Tell me…

What would You do?!


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